Viral Campaign For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Gets Into Full Swing

A fake Gotham City newspaper begins to offer clues.

Some pages of the Gotham Observer have appeared online. Most of the stuff in there is not that wildly interesting; Harvey Dent Day is being celebrated, there is a rash of burglaries, a construction site is pilfered... all of these things seem like obvious precursors to events in the movie. But there's one ad at the end of the paper that inspires curiosity. It's for Rykin Data; other ads have web addresses that take you to an infuriating Mountain Dew site, but the Rykin site has a patent application for a system that will purge someone's digital records in their entirety.

How will that come into play in The Dark Knight Rises? My first thought: Bruce Wayne uses this to wipe out some proof that he's Batman. Or Selina Kyle uses it to wipe out her criminal record or something. Or maybe Bane is using it to wreak havoc on society, Fight Club style, and wipe out EVERYBODY from the system.

That would actually be the most interesting use of that tech in the movie. What do you think?