Countdown To Comic Con: Hasbro’s Enormous SHIELD Helicarrier

We're gearing up to go to San Diego Comic Con. Here's some of the stuff that's exciting us.

In a few weeks Meredith, Henri, Brian and I will join the thousands upon thousands of nerds coming to San Diego for Comic Con 2012. Last year I was on my own, but this year, with this support group, Badass Digest's coverage should be pretty strong. We're even going to have our own tag - #BADCC

As we get ready for the Con, I wanted start highlighting panels, events and cool swag that interest us. Like this SHIELD Helicarrier, a Comic Con Exclusive by Hasbro. 

I grew up in the 80s, and the ultiimate toy that everybody wanted but almost nobody had was the USS Flagg, GI Joe's aircraft carrier. The SHIELD Helicarrier might very well be the current young generation's version of that. The four foot long playset comes with exclusive Captain America and Maria Hill figures (the Flagg just came with old Keel-Haul!) and has a whole battery of fireable missiles. It's going for $129.99, and you'll find it at Booth #3329 on the Con floor. I'm sure I'll be seeing a couple of people lugging this thing around.

Of course I can't recommend this for adults - it's sort of sad for a grown-up to set up a four foot long playset in their home. But that's why some of you guys had kids, right? So you could buy this stuff 'for them.'