Spike Lee’s Back In Brooklyn With The RED HOOK SUMMER Trailer

Has Spike found Jesus?

I saw a long cut of Red Hook Summer at Sundance (I've been told 20 minutes or so has been removed since then), and I can tell you that the film is at times very powerful, shocking and moving. It's also quite lovely, with Spike Lee making the transition to digital well. 

But more important it's Spike back in Brooklyn, something out of which this new trailer makes a big deal - as it should! Spike has been the foremost chronicler of Brooklyn, and the film's focus on Jesus makes sense when you know Brooklyn was once called The Borough Of Churches. But Spike is also doing something more subversive, tackling the Tyler Perry homily industry. You won't know that from the trailer, but the trailer shouldn't be giving the hows of that away.

I'm excited to see this new cut. The movie opens August 10th.