Badass Exclusive: THE EXPENDABLES 2’s Baddie Has A Tumblr!

Read the innermost thoughts/see the favorite gifs of THE EXPENDABLES 2's villain, played by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Everybody has a Tumblr these days, even villains. Or, in this case, Vilain, the bad guy in The Expendables 2. Yes, Vilain. He's played by Jean-Claude Van Damme and he's taken to social media to explain how he's going to kill our heroes.

Vilain's Tumblr is actually pretty cool - it's way better than the usual anonymous websites for movies that just feature wallpapers and shit like that. The layout is awesome, and the there's a just-this-side of tongue in cheek aspect I like. Check out the 'tutorial' on how to use a grenade to see what I mean.

Right now the Tumblr is only in the earliest stages, but already you can see that Vilain is building his dossier on The Expendables. He seems to really hate these guys:

There is no direct translation of the word “Expendable” in the German language.

The word that comes closest is “überflüssig”. It means Useless.

And what do you do with something useless?

You dispose of it.

The Tumblr also has a lot of categories that aren't populated yet. I want to see what gets covered under 'Traps' and 'Triage.' In the meantime, enjoy the snapshots and audio snippets that are there, and follow Vilain as he puts his simple, yet effective plan into action: Kill First.

Click here to visit the site - - and follow if you're on Tumblr.