Alternative Concept Art For The Lizard And Spidey

They could have looked different. Better? Possibly. and io9 both delivered some concept art from The Amazing Spider-Man today of Spidey himself and The Lizard. The Lizard's design and execution in particular are receiving a lot of flak for the movie, and the sketches reveal that an entirely different direction could have been taken. 

I like the one above best, personally, although this one's pretty cool. points out that Chris Cooper was used as a model for the concept art, presumably because his face is awesome, although maybe because he was originally attached to the role.

And here's some Spidey concept art from io9, where he just looks hot and swoll, although I can't get behind the web cape. 

Here's a cool shot of Oscorp facilities. 

Loads more art at the links above. What do you guys think - did the final product turn out better or worse than the concept?