Batman’s On A Mission From God In TDKR IMAX Poster

Lo and the heavens opened up and we were gifted with the Nolan Bat-trilogy.

We can have our disagreements about Mr. Christopher Nolan, but I think we can all agree that this man uses IMAX like nobody's business. IMAX is the true future of exciting, immersive filmmaking - not horrible 3D - and Nolan uses the format like nobody else today. The Dark Knight Rises contains a ton of scenes shot in native IMAX, and the reality is that IMAX is the only real way to experience this movie theatrically.

That said, the IMAX poster for The Dark Knight Rises certianly seems... pious. The Lord Almighty has put a Batsymbol in the sky! Below the fires of perdition boil at Batman's feet! Alternately, we can assume that in this movie Batman grows to 900 ft tall and stomps on the city of Gotham. 

July 20th! You'll all be there! Be there in IMAX.