Mondo Launches LORD OF THE RINGS Poster Series!

The collectible art boutique gets the license to LORD OF THE RINGS and begins immediately kicking ass.

Mondo holds 'Mondo Mystery Movie' screenings in Austin, where they show an unannounced movie and the price of the ticket includes a very limited edition poster. The latest one was today and the movie was... a Lord of the Rings film! Return of the King, I'm guessing, judging by the poster above.

And what a poster it is. This Aaron Horkey print comes in two types - the regular, above, in an edition of 260 (most of which will go at the show) and a silver variant with one splash of blood on the Fell Beast's head. The poster is 19.5 x 39, and any remaining copies will go onsale online... eventually.

But this is just the beginning of a new line of posters. I can't wait to see what Mondo has in store for us leading up to The Hobbit.