Countdown to Comic-Con: A Pastoral HOBBIT Poster

Another Comic-Con poster - this time for Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT.

I understand that The Hobbit will be showing at 48fps at Comic-Con next Saturday. This'll be everybody's chance to watch the footage in the least-optimal setting possible and tell me how wrong I was in my CinemaCon write-up!

There will also be a chance for people to pick up this very soothing poster for the new movie. You could definitely hang this in your chill out weed room and float away into those green hills for a few hours. I would love it if The Hobbit part one was all just fucking about in Hobbiton, smoking pipe weed and Gandalf getting the giggles.

Note that this goes for the same feeling as the recent The Dark Knight Rises IMAX poster, with a break in the cloudy skies illuminating the main figure.