Sony Still Thinks GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Is A Good Idea, Hires A New Writer

And he's somebody who could be good.

Etan Cohen has some good work under his belt. He was involved with Mike Judge for years, and wrote on Beavis and Butthead and co-wrote Idiocracy. He wrote on Tropic Thunder (although I don't know what - that script's history is complicated). And he wrote and directed the short film My Wife Is Retarded, which is the best sounding title I've heard in a while. But lately he's gone Hollywood, writing movies like Men in Black 3 and Madagascar: Back 2 Africa

So I don't know whether or not Cohen coming on to write the latest version of Ghostbusters 3 is good news or bad news. On the one hand it's definitely bad news because Ghostbusters 3 should not exist. But on the other hand maybe he'll bring some of his early skills to the table and actually write a funny movie.

That does seem hugely unlikely, though. The good news is that I continue to doubt that this movie will ever happen. The bad news is that I don't doubt that should it happen it will be terrible and sad.