Channing Tatum Is Evel (Kneivel)

Magic Mike to jump Snake River Canyon.

If you thought Channing Tatum was daring in a G-string in Magic Mike, wait until you see him take a motorcycle over dozens of cars in a biopic about famed daredevil Evel Knievel. The actor will play the man whose motorcycle stunts wowed national television audiences in the 70s - and he'll produce as well (Tatum seems to be a pretty smart operator. He helped pay for Magic Mike himself).

The movie will be based on the book Life of Evel; there have been two other Evel Knievel features, one of which starred Evel himself (Viva Knievel!). The book was published a year after Knievel jumped his motorcycle to heaven, so I imagine it's a less hagriographic story than the previous iterations.

The beauty of Knievel is that he crashed a bunch. He was famous for having 433 broken bones (who knew one man could have so many bones). Knievel's stars and stripes get up is the iconic image of a daredevil.

Meanwhile, Tatum has been hinting at a sequel to Magic Mike. I always knew he'd make it!