We’re Off To Comic-Con

Team Badass Digest is heading down to San Diego!

Last year was the first year Badass Digest covered Comic-Con, and it was a rinky dink affair - basically just me hanging out in Hall H. This year things are different. I'll be there again, but joining me will be Meredith Borders and Henri Mazza, with Brian Collins coming in for the assist. We've been finalizing interviews and panel coverage for the past couple of days, and we'll be hopefully adding more to our plates once we're in San Diego.

We have a special Comic-Con subsite (go to it by clicking here) which will eventually have a Twitter gadget that'll let you follow our Con tweets without having to be on Twitter. All of our coverage will be housed there for your easy access.

All of this is possible thanks to the good people at Sony Digital Cinema 4K.

Next stop: whale's vagina.