That Time Lars Von Trier Wrote An Episode Of A Sitcom

The famously confrontational Danish filmmaker wrote an episode of the show KLOWN. And you can watch it for free here!

Drafthouse Films is releasing Klown in the next few weeks; it's a raunchy and hilarious movie from Scandinavia that truly pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable (and maybe legal) to show on film. But audiences in America probably don't know that Klown is based on a hit TV show that ran for 60 episodes. 

And one of those episodes was written by Lars von Trier. Yes, the Dancer in the Dark and Antichrist guy. 

Von Trier's episode has the evocative title It's a Jungle Down There, and it's about female masturbation. So it's thematically coherent with the rest of his ouevre, at the very least. Drafthouse Films is going to release the whole 60 episode series later this year, but in anticipation of Klown's July 27th VOD release, they've put this episode online for everybody to see. It's a pretty good intro to the characters and filthy world of the show.

And it's von Trier doing a sitcom.