Bob Kane’s COURAGEOUS CAT Goes Big Screen

The Batman parody from the Batman creator is making the leap to movie theaters.

Courageous Cat is terrible/great. A cheaply made, shoddily written, hauntingly spare cartoon from the 60s, it's a shameless Batman rip-off/parody. What makes it really interesting is that Bob Kane, the man credited with creating Batman, created Courageous Cat (who has a Cat Cave and a Catmobile and is summoned by a Cat Signal). With his sidekick Minute Mouse, Courageous Cat usually battled the evil Chauncey Frog.

It's really weird. It has a spare quality that feels trippy. What it does have going for it is an AMAZING theme song (very Peter Gunn) and some cute character designs. 

Now it's coming to theaters. The property has been picked up to be 're-imagined' with a 'new mythology.' And it's going to be part live action, part CGI, like Garfield or The Smurfs.

It's gonna be terrible. They better keep the theme song.