Comic-Con 2012: Ant-Man Uses Size-Fu To Kick Ass One Inch At A Time

Marvel unveiled the test reel Edgar Wright shot for the incredible shrinking Avenger.

Recently we heard that Edgar Wright had shot a demo for Ant-Man, to see how the character's shrinking powers would be used on film. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't what I saw in Hall H at Comic-Con today. This Ant-Man - wearing a red and silver suit, and a mask that covered his whole face (with the familiar antenna) - used his shrinking powers as a way to actually do battle.

In the sequence we saw Ant-Man fight two anonymous guards in a white hallway. He runs towards them, and when they open fire he disappears in a flash of light. But he's actually shrunk to a tiny size, and is running along the barrel of one of the men's guns. He leaps and switches sizes and uses his momentum to knock the one guard back. Small, he jumps to the other guard, grabs his tie, and gets big again. The momentum and change in mass helps Ant-Man swing the guard over his shoulders and through a window.

What was cool was seeing how Wright had thought out the implications of Ant-Man's mass shifting. Going from a weightless bug on your shoulder to a 150 pound man in a blink of an eye could be a huge advantage in battle. This footage - while rough, uncomposited, and full of unfinished FX - sold the mechanics of Ant-Man as an action hero. As Wright said on stage, 'He'll kick your ass one inch at a time.'

Now I want to see how he uses ants...

There was no hard and fast date set (and this wouldn't be the first time Marvel had Edgar Wright to Comic-Con to announce Ant-Man only to have the project slip away), but it seems likely that this wil be what Wright focuses on after The World's End.