Comic-Con 2012: DJANGO UNCHAINED Is Kind Of A Prequel To SHAFT

Quentin Tarantino reveals that Django's descendent is a black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks.

Quentin Tarantino blew the roof off Hall H with the eight minute sizzle reel from Django Unchained - the same footage that knocked out an industry audience at Cannes. I didn't see it because fuck a line that long, but I do wish I had been in the room.

I say that because I wanted to feel the vibe when Tarantino told the crowd that Django (Jaime Foxx) and his wife Broomhilde (Kerry Washington) have a strong connection to Richard Roundtree's Shaft: they're his great-great grandparents.

He also revealed that a character in this film is related to another character in the Tarantinoverse, but this news is less exciting than the Shaft reveal. I love the idea that now the Tarantinoverse is absorbing other film mythologies. All Tarantino has to do now is include YoYoDyne in one of his films and he'll be a part of both the Wold Newton Universe and the Tommy Westphall Universe. We've just taken a big step into a larger world of nerdy, nerdy crossover.

By the way, this means that Samuel L Jackson's Shaft reboot takes place in the Tarantinoverse. I wonder if this is the closest we'll ever see to Christian Bale being in a Tarantino film.