Comic-Con 2012: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka The Comedian, Weighs In On BEFORE WATCHMEN

The actor who brought WATCHMEN's The Comedian to life on screen talks about the controversial new prequel.

"When I heard about, I said it's a horrible idea. A horrible, horrible idea."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is at Comic-Con to promote his new movie, Lionsgate's The Possession, but I had to ask him about Before Watchmen, the prequel series to Alan Moore's Watchmen. Whatever you think of the Watchmen movie, it's obvious that everybody involved in the film got really, really deep into the original comic material. Morgan played Eddie Blake, aka the Comedian, and like the rest of the cast he studied the book like holy text.

For Morgan the very thought of a prequel was offensive. "It was a complete self-contained deal. I remember saying it a million times four or five years ago: this is the only one that will ever be, it'll be the only book, it'll be the only movie, this is what you get. Now suddenly these books are coming out. When I first heard I said, well I know Alan Moore isn't involved. But Dave Gibbons isn't either? How can you do that?"

However, Morgan's begun to hear some good buzz. "Everybody I've talked to who is a Watchmen fan, who has said 'This is sacrilege, you can't touch this shit,' has walked away shaking their heads and saying 'This is a really good book.' Begrudgingly I'm hearing they're really good, so I'm excited to read them."

In fact that was his big plan for the Con - to find copies of Before Watchmen and read them. So now whoever interviews Morgan next: find out what he thought!