Comic-Con 2012: Marvel Announces The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Team

Marvel goes modern for their cosmic action movie.

It's official: Guardians of the Galaxy is coming to theater in 2014. And now we know the line-up - which sadly doesn't feature any of the classic characters, although it has lots of great characters from the 2008 team. 

From left to right: 

Drax the Destroyer: When Thanos' spaceship crashes on Earth two people are killed and their daughter is adopted by Thanos' dead. The dead father's spirit is trapped in a new body and sent to kill Thanos. He's big and green and fixated on revenge for the death of his wife.

Groot: A sentient tree who is the last of his race. 

Star-Lord: A human guy whose supersuit gives him strength and flight powers. In his original incarnation, he was an astronaut who got passed over for the mantle of Star-Lord, a sort of Green Lantern-y space cop, and who took matters into his own hands. He has a sentient spacecraft named Ship.

Rocket Raccoon: From the planet Halfword, Rocket Raccoon is a genetically modified raccoon who is also a space cop (but of a different sort than Star-Lord). He was based on the Beatles song Rocky Raccoon, and his initial appearance was guarding a Bible.

Gamora: The last of her race, Gamora was raised by Thanos, who trained her to be a living weapon. She served him until she realized what a total dick he was, and she joined the Avengers to battle him.

With Drax and Gamora on the team there can be no question that Thanos is going to be the center of the film. 

What piques my curiosity: how the CG in this movie is going to work. Two of these characters are guaranteed to be all CGI. Will Gamora and Drax both be regular actors just painted green? And will Star-Lord still have his face-obscuring mask?