Comic-Con 2012: The Ten Most Interesting Cosplayers of the Year

Slave Leia Dude, Sexy Vader, Terrifying Gandalf and Cuddly Thanos. Here are our top pics of our favorite cosplayers at Comic-Con 2012.

Masquerade is tonight at Comic-Con, and that means that all over San Diego the best cos-players in the world are hard at rock finishing off their robotic costumes, dance routines, and just trying to calm their nerves for the big show.

Plenty of people will report on that, though, and plenty of other sites will run the "sexy" geeks and booth babes. We walked the floor with our photographer looking for the most inspired and most confusing outfits we could find. Here we go.

10. Lion-O's Belly

Thundercats, hooooo!

So in many ways this is a fairly standard costume for this list. Awesome wig, plastic sword, and some good white face paint over stubble. But what really gets me is the way the top is kind of too loose, and then that draws extra attention to his tummy just chilling out. Without this guy I don't think I ever would have realized that Lion-O was sporting a midriff baring tank top that entire time. I just wish he had a belly button ring, too.

9. Scary Gandalf

I'm guessing that's a helmet more than a mask, and that the dude dressed up as everyone's favorite wizard (suck it, Potter!) is watching us through his beard or something so that he can be taller and mightier. But the unforeseen side effect of that is that Gandalf's eyes are empty, soulless holes of despair. You shall go ahead and pass if you like, because Gandalf can't see you.

8. Slave Leia Dude

Frat guys dress up like girls and think it's funny all the time. You don't see a lot of geeks channeling that frat humor, but this guy is all over it. We just don't know why this was his go to pose when we asked to take a picture. Slave Leia Dude poops!

7. Cuddly Thanos

I just really, really like this guy. His attempt at making a fierce Thanos face mask with the full on grimace somehow makes the character seem all cute and cuddly, like the Disney theme park version. I just wish this guy had a kid dressed up as Captain America who was holding his hand. That would be the most perfect thing ever.

6. Fun with Power Rangers

I had to stare at this one a while. Go ahead and take some time with it and let it sink in. Look at the special access crotch he's got going on. The way the dead Power Ranger was secretly Plastic Man the entire time. That's just good fun, and I especially like that he's copying our Sexy Leia's poop pose.

5. Nacho Libre

Someone dressed up like Nacho Libre???

4. Sexy Chewbacca

I know a lot of nerds. And I know nerds can have fetishes for a lot of things. But no nerd has ever walked out of a Star Wars movie saying, "You know what that needed? Sexier wookies." Although she does look pretty soft...

3. More Sexy Star Wars

Ohhh man. There's a lot of magic here, but what's really incredible to me is the way Sexy Vader's helmet has that tilt to it and she's looking right at us. She's either curious, or really, really threatening. Like Sexy Vader is just saying, "Try it, motherfucker. I will sexy choke hold you in an instant."

2. This Guy

I don't know who this guy is. If you guys can help us out in the comments, that would be awesome. But even without knowing the character at all, this is one of my favorite pictures ever. I hope that interviewer made it out without having his head bit off by the purple head man.

1. Rosie

I love the fully authentic homemade vibe of this one. It just feels true and good and awesome. And then she's got such a cute smile on her face, too! Just seeing this person walking around makes me want to get back to Austin and start playing with cardboard boxes again like I did when I was a kid. My costume won't be as good, though; I'll probably just look like Calvin sitting in his box (except that I'll be way older and fatter).

Of course, these are just the best ones we've seen. If you're at Comic-Con and have shots of others we may have missed, shoot us some Flickr links or whatever in the comments.

All photos by Dennis Widmyer