Andrew Stanton May Be FINDING NEMO Again

In the fallout from JOHN CARTER the director could return to Pixar for a sequel to his big fish story.

Over the last few months we've heard some exciting announcements about upcoming original Pixar films - one about dinosaurs, one about the human mind, one about Mexico's Day of the Dead - so I guess we're due some slightly disappointing sequel news. And here it is: Andrew Stanton is probably directing a sequel to Finding Nemo.

Stanton is coming off of John Carter, which is going to be considered the big bomb of 2012 even though Battleship did about the same numbers (and John Carter, while very flawed, is a better film), so retreating to something familiar and probably sure-fire makes sense. And Pixar is coming off Brave which, while not a disaster, is one of the lower-grossing movies in their history. So again, getting into familiar territory makes sense.

I don't much care. I liked Finding Nemo well enough, but I'm also happy to skip Pixar films when I have to. There will never be a day when I see Cars 2, and unless the buzz on Finding Nemo 2 is overwhelming, I might well skip it. But that's a big change from the way I felt about PIxar a few years ago. The studio was once bullet-proof, but those days seem to be over.