Dave Foley Hosts TEEN TALK in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April brings us music videos from Off!, Opossom and Kishi Bashi.

The indubitably wonderful Dave Foley (The Kids in the Hall) accompanies ripening Los Angeles-based punker dream team Off! in their latest double feature for “Borrow and Bomb” and “I Got News for You." Plucked from their latest self-titled record, the Whitey McConnaughy-directed video for the undersized tracks zooms in on Foley as he takes the shape of a birdbrained public access host for a fictional program geared toward at-risk youth. And stay tuned for the bitchin’ exercise routine that follows, for they have truly tapped into unhinged eighties television potential, however tapped.

New Zealand’s favorite misspelled psyche-pop outfit Opossom (Kody Nielson, again with the... daring to be different) will soon release their dewy home-written and recorded debut, Electric Hawaii  - a couple tracks deep it sports a brand of sprawling layers you can almost chew. With director Sam Kristofski in tow, they’ve concocted a batty, zoom-y sci-fi rendering of the simply catchy “Fly.” The breathtaking Auckland countryside beams as selfish scientists control lady androids via remote in order to wander nearer to a hovering pyramid and inoffensive UFO.

Pardon my German, but HOT DOG. If I had the time, I’d one-woman street team the tar out of Kishi Bashi’s April-released record 151A. The Japanese (Norfolk-based) violin looper and multi instrumentalist teamed up with former Pixar animator Anthony Scott (Coraline, ParaNorman) on the video for the personally adored “I Am the Antichrist to You." It’s a misfit circle of life tale woven through mixed media and stop motion animation with unmistakably earnest underpinnings by the artist’s wife, Mrs. Keiko Ishibashi, who called the story and illustration shots. We’re all adults here, so allow yourself to tear up when the puppy-thing nibbles its own ear in the face of trepidation.