Borders Line: I’m Hosting I COME IN PEACE At The Alamo This Weekend

Join me, Houston.

This Sunday at 6:30, I'm joining Houston Alamo Drafthouse programmer Robert Saucedo to host a Badass 101 35mm screening of that Houston-vice-cop-breaks-all-the-rules-and-fights-aliens masterpiece I Come In Peace. If you've never seen I Come In Peace (originally titled the far less cool Dark Angel), it features Dolph Lundgren fighting extraterrestrial drug dealers. For serious! 

Lundgren plays Detective Jack Caine, a rebel vice cop who's hot on the trail of a posh drug-dealing gang called the White Boys. His superiors want him to leave the case alone, but Caine's partner was killed by the White Boys and he's hungry for vengeance - and anyway, he don't play by the rules, son! When the FBI is brought onboard, Caine's partnered with a straight-laced suit named Agent Larry Smith, and the two personalities clash until they realize they're not just fighting drug dealers - they're fighting ALIEN drug dealers! Because this movie is amazing.

I Come In Peace is one of only a handful of movies filmed and set in Houston, Texas, which I find rather surprising considering the diversity of environment, architecture and people in this secretly rad city. Also, Houston is ridiculously affordable; it would be so cheap to make a movie here. There's also Reality Bites, RushmoreBrewster McCloud and a few other films, but rarely does Houston take such a big cinematic role as it does in I Come In Peace

The movie's helmed by famed stuntman turned director Craig R. Baxley, who later became the go-to guy for Stephen King TV mini-series. Furthermore, it has a one-sheet that I truly, truly enjoy.

That silver disk is the high-tech weapon of the drug-dealing aliens, a hyper-speed bladed wheel that vibrates its way through piles of human carnage. The point is, I Come In Peace is an absurd amount of fun, and we're kicking the night off with an intro by my buddy Jon Ray, a real-life Houston cop who can answer questions like: "What's the worst drug massacre scenario you've ever encountered?" and "Who is the dumbest criminal you've ever collared?" So come in peace and leave in pieces, my friends. You won't regret it. Get your tickets here!

And a reminder! Next Tuesday I'm hosting a FREE birthday screening of one of my favorite horror movies (a surprise!) on 35mm at the Alamo. Read more about it here.