Amazing Sleeping Bag Enough To Make Me Want To Go Camping

Or hell, just use it in my bedroom.

To be eaten by a shark is surely one of the most noble ways to die. So rarely are we faced with the reality that our position atop the food chain is precarious, based not on any of our natural abilities but rather our technological advances. The idea of being eaten alive by an animal is one of the most primal fears we have, something that comes to us despite millions of years of evolution. When we watch Jaws we are, in some way, getting in touch with the tiny little mammals from whom we descended.

So the Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag is a way of facing our mammalian fears and laughing right in their faces. A huge, comfy-looking sleeping bag, the Chumbuddy happens to look just like a shark, and you insert your sleeping body right into its jaws.

Seven feet in length and made of a delightful poly/fiber blend, the Chumbuddy is an only slightly insane 200 dollars. I would maybe pay that if it came with a pillow in the shape of a license plate.

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