Lionsgate launches an app that puts you into the action of The Expendables 2.

Let's be frank: I'm partially running this because the press release included the image above. But I'm also running it because I like what they've done with this app - freed it from smart phones and put it on computers. I have my iPhone on me all the time, but I'm more hesitant about downloading novelty apps and stuff to it; I'm much more loose with my iMac. 

They've taken their Join the Expendables app - which puts you and your friends into action movie scenes - and expanded it to 6 scenes from The Expendables 2, as well as bringing it to browsers so you can use it while sitting at your desk all day. Just yesterday I was reading this fascinating article - When Art, Apple and the Secret Service Collide: 'People Staring At Computers' - which includes this bit:

In mid-May, 2011, I took a timelapse using my laptop’s webcam to get a feeling for how I looked at the computer. After a few days of recording, I watched the video.

I was completely stunned.

There was no expression on my face. Even though I spend most of my day talking to and collaborating with other people online, from my face you can see no trace of this. I thought about Paul Ekman developing his Facial Action Coding System in the 60s, and discovering that “expression alone is sufficient to create marked changes in the autonomic nervous system“. I felt like there was something important here that I needed to share. 

So move your face. Make some expressions. Put yourself in an action scene and create some marked changes in the autonomic nervous system!

Click here to Join the Expendables.