Mark Wheaton, aka Smilin’ Jack Ruby, Gets A Book Deal

You know, for kids.

Some of you guys followed me here from CHUD; if you did maybe you were at CHUD long enough to remember the byline of one Smilin' Jack Ruby, a movie journalist who was one of the best in the biz. I say 'was' because Smilin' Jack - real name Mark Wheaton - quit that racket to go straight. He started writing movies (some of which got made, some of which haven't) and then found himself drawn to the burgeoning world of e-books. Mark was a real pioneer in the Kindle market, and his excellent Bones stories (about a corpse sniffing dog in a zombie apocalypse) have won serious fans all around the world.

While I think that Mark's success in e-books is not just amazing but also indicative of the future of publishing, it's nice to get your stuff in print. And now that's happening as Mark has cut a deal ZOVA Books to write a young adult series called Finders & Keepers. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The book centers on a typical, everyday
 American teenager named Christopher Dash who suddenly finds himself on the run and forced to hook up 
with a group of teen vagabonds-turned-artifact hunters in 

ZOVA will release the first
 book, The Sword of the Realm, in summer 2013, with the second, The Golden Fleet, coming the following year. 

ZOVA also has nabbed the print rights to Bones and Sunday Billy Sunday: A Memoir, a horror novel that's in the early stages of being adapted into an indie feature.

Mark's Bones stuff is really great, and I'd love for the deal to get the books into more hands. And to get us closer to a badass Bones movie (without Angelus).

Unlike Morrissey, we love it when our friends become successful. Hooray Mark!