Nerd Superteam Assemble: Abrams, Wright, Protosevitch Team Up For COLLIDER

Probably not based on the website, but who knows.

You have an idea from Edgar Wright. You have JJ Abrams producing with his Bad Robot shingle. And then you have a script from Mark Protosevitch, whose unproduced work is better than what you've seen onscreen. Now you have Collider.

No, not Steve Weintraub's website (although since it's an idea by Wright, maybe). It's a top secret project that unites these three for Paramount Pictures. I'm sure there will be a big geek name director attached soon enough as well And Wright himself is set to direct! Nobody knows the story, but with it coming from Edgar Wright we can assume it isn't a tricky puzzle story OR a cheap nostalgia grab. In fact, I'm assuming it's going to be good!

If the movie is about Steve Weintraub's site, who should play him? Here's his picture (he's the one in the middle):