Fantasia Film Festival: CRAVE Trailer

Premiering tonight at Fantasia: CRAVE, starring Ron Perlman!

The recent Tom Jane Punisher fan film makes me appreciate the trailer for Crave a whole lot more. Crave is the feature debut of Charles de Lauzirika, who has been studying the masters close-up for years - he has been the man behind all the DVD special features on Ridley Scott's films, among others. He's also a friend of mine, so take that into account!

But I haven't seen the full film, just this trailer. What I like, and what's different from Jane's Punisher, is that this looks to be a movie about an urban vigilante where the inherent sickness of being an urban vigilante is at the center of the story. On the one hand we all want to cheer for Paul Kersey on screen, but if Paul Kersey were walking our streets we'd be much less excited about him. Crave - at least going by the trailer - takes that into account. With a remake of Death Wish on the way, I think this is a smart way to approach the urban vigilante genre.

Crave premieres tonight at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal. Unfortunately I cannot be there this year due to personal committments, but if you're in town maybe you can sneak in (the film is currently sold out!).