Help Tell The Story Of THAT GUY, Dick Miller

Dick Miller, one of the great character actors of all time, is getting his own documentary... if you help.

You can tell a real movie lover from a dilettante pretty easily: real movie lovers are into character actors. We enjoy seeing these guys pop up again and again in small roles, and in fact we sometimes like them better than the nominal stars of the movies. There's a litany of great character actors, but up at the top must be Dick Miller. A veteran of the Roger Corman school, a mainstay in the films of Joe Dante and one of the great recognizable faces in motion pictures, Dick Miller has been at it since 1955.

Dick's getting up there in years, and the miles are pretty visible on him. I have had the fortune of hearing Dick reminisce at a couple of screenings at the New Beverly, and he is a wealth of tales and insight into a half century's worth of Hollywood. I've always wondered if his story would be immortalized in some way, and I worried that Dick would slip off with his side of history undocumented. 

Enter Elijah Drenner. Director of American Grindhouse and a DVD special features guy, Drenner started out making a half-hour doc about Miller for the War of the Satellites DVD. But it soon became clear that there was much more material to be mined and that  a half hour wasn't enough. Now That Guy: Dick Miller is a feature-length project.

At least it can be, if you help out. I'm stingy with spreading around Kickstarters, but I had to share this with you. This is a movie that has to be made, and while I wish we lived in a world where Hollywood fatcats would finance it themselves that just won't happen. So everybody who knows and loves Dick Miller's work should chip in and support this effort. 

Click here for the Kickstarter page.