Wait, What? BATTLE ROYALE The TV Show… On The CW?

What the fuck.

Battle Royale has only this year been officially released in the United States*. Its impact is felt elsewhere in pop culture, though, with The Hunger Games being a phenom that feels like fruit of the Battle Royale tree. And while the CW will never get a Hunger Games TV show, it might be getting a Battle Royale program.

See, there's been an American remake of Battle Royale kicking around for a while, but Hunger Games probably put the kibosh on that. Now LA Times is reporting that the CW is reaching out to the rights holders and having talks about adapting the film into a TV series. 

How would this even work? Nobody's saying anything right now. This feels like a bold move after the Aurora shooting, but I guess that doesn't evoke kids killing kids the way Columbine did. But still, how's CW going to do this right? The Hunger Games killed most of the kids off in a montage or off-screen. Also, they're the CW. They do Smallville. I mean, I could watch attractive generic CW people killing each other, but I somehow doubt it's going to work that way.

To be honest this intrigues me. The idea is so bad, so wrong for the CW that it's brilliant. Are they trying to get into the AMC/HBO space? Do they have a ridiculously terrible vision for what this show is? I can tell you that I'll certainly watch the pilot, should such a thing ever exist.

* There's a lot of stuff out there about the movie never making it to the US because of the Columbine killings, but the reality is that Toho wanted too much money for the movie and nobody would bite and then the movie got old. After that the movie got classic, so it was ripe for a rerelease.