40 years ago Palestinian terrorists killed 11 Israeli atheletes at the Munich Olympics. This doc tells the gripping, shattering story.

When did the modern world begin? The Munich Olympics of 1972 was certainly one of the pre-shocks of the 21st century - Black September, a Palestinian terror group, invaded the Israeli Olympic quarters and killed 11 atheletes, live on television. Middle Eastern terrorism and the 24 hour news cycle brought together 30 years before 9/11. 

One Day in September, directed by Kevin MacDonald (who would go on to make The Last King of Scotland), is a documentary about that event. It's as thrilling, gripping and emotionally devastating as any fiction movie. In fact I'd kind of rather watch this doc than Munich, Spielberg's film about the aftermath of the terrible day. It's simply one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. 

For some insane reason the film is out of print. It isn't even available on any of the streaming services, as far as I know. This seems like a big mistake as we hit the 40th anniversary of the tragedy.