ET Goes For The Gold: UFO Seen At Olympics Opening Ceremony

Perhaps the aliens were not interested in waiting for NBC's tape delay.

I don't give a shit about the Olympics. I don't mean that in some antagonistic 'Fuck the Olympics!' way, but until the games impact my current city in some negative way I couldn't care less about them. 

But I do care about UFOs! I don't 'believe' in them like I used to - once upon a time my hobbies included stuff like ghost hunting and watching the skies for saucers - but I'm still fascinated by them. And there are still many, many true believers out there. Some of whom felt that the 2012 Olympics would present the perfect opportunity for aliens to finally reveal themselves after years of sightings, odd contacts and rampant butt plunging.

Sadly no alien emissaries marched in the Olympic opening ceremony... except [insert name of Olympian whose athleticism marks him/her as more than human]! But there were sightings of something above the stadium during the big show. Something that looks a lot like a blimp but maybe isn't! But probably is. 

What do you think? Did aliens come check out Danny Boyle's opening ceremony?