Scatman Begins: A Prequel To THE SHINING?

Warner Bros may be looking to delve into the Overlook Hotel's origins.

There are bad ideas and then there are bad ideas. One of the worst I've heard in a while is this: Warner Bros is considering making a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The studio has approached Laeta Kalogridis, who adapted Shutter Island for Scorsese, to produce. Coming with her would be Bradley Fischer and James Vanderbilt (ie, the guy who wrote The Amazing Spider-Man, but who worked with Fischer on Zodiac as well). 

It's unclear what the point of a prequel would be; the history of the Overlook is pretty well laid out in the movie and this just feels like an excuse to do a non-remake remake (see The Thing: Prequel to The Thing). The people involved are talented enough to make me willing to listen, but I still will need to be massively convinced there's any reason for this movie to exist at all.

It's open season on The Shining, by the way - Stephen King's sequel, Dr. Sleep, is coming soon, and I bet there will be a movie in production based on that in no time.