The Mazza Matter: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Adventure

A tour through a cavern. Dinner at the mouth of an actual bat cave. A broken down bus. This was the Alamo's DARK KNIGHT RISES Adventure.

For as long as I can remember I've loved making the opening night of a movie into an all day event. Before the '89 Batman, that meant standing in line a few hours longer than necessary so I could read Batman comics. For Jurassic Park I made all of my friends eat McDonald's because they had dinosaurs on their super size soda cups.

Eventually I got lucky enough to work at the Alamo Drafthouse and help put together Adventures like this. We took a bus trip to Bracken Cave before The Dark Knight, and one of the main reasons I was excited for TDKR was just to have an excuse to go back. Hopefully as the Alamo keeps taking over the world I can help set up Adventures all over the place and we can spend full days hanging out in San Francisco and New York before we sit down in the theater for Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm not sure what the activities for that day would be, though...

Huge thanks to Carrie Matherly and everyone else at the Alamo for putting this event together! Standing among all of those bats with fifty other movie lovers was the highlight of my summer for sure.