International SKYFALL Trailer

Now with 100% more Javier Bardem.

There's lots to love. I love the banter between Q and Bond (and Q updating the classic PPK with some sci-fi nonsense). I love orange-and-tealed MI6 getting blown the hell up. I love the pervasive Ian Fleming influence; shades of Fleming's You Only Live Twice/The Man With The Golden Gun as Bond is thought dead (fragged by his own associate, from the looks of it) and goes all Deer Hunter in Asia. Large chunks set in London, like Fleming's Moonraker. I love how colorful it is; all hail Roger Deakins.

I'm less sure about Javier Bardem's choppers and Max Zorin/View To A Kill-esque blonde wig. But let's all recall the last time people got worked up about some blonde hair in a Bond film and have some perspective. And we've been asking for a villain "worthy" of a Bond film since 2006; looks like maybe we've got it.

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