Marvel Universe: The TV Show May Come To ABC

Marvel Studios is trying to come up with an idea. Devin pitches them one. 

Marvel Studios is in talks with ABC about creating a TV drama set in the cinematic Marvel Universe, but nobody knows what it should be. Deadline says they're thinking 'high concept cop show,' and that "the connection to the Avengers franchise would be light as the project is expected to be set in the universe and feature some of its themes and feel, but may not include any characters from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster."

High concept cop show? The fact that Gotham Central isn't already on TV is a pity, but that doesn't mean Marvel should steal that idea. No, Marvel already has a PERFECT TV property on their hands:

Damage Control.

It was a series of limited series about the construction firm who specializes in cleaning up after superhero battles. They get rid of the robots, repair the buildings, cart away the crashed alien spacecraft. Damage Control was a more humorous comic, but you could easily make it into a semi-humorous workplace show - some comedy, some office politics and romance, some occasional action and danger. Best of all you can have quick cameos from movie heroes, but they aren't ever really the focus of the story. Damage Control shows up when the battle is over and the heroes are home, hanging up their tights.

In the comics Damage Control was funded by Tony Stark, and that would make sense on the show. Robert Downey Jr would probably be open to doing a quick appearance in the pilot, and that would guarantee ratings. After that, sneak some shoots in with the other actors while they film their respective movies. Make it so that the Damage Control stuff is considered 'promotion,' maybe, so that you don't have to renegotiate Chris Evans' contract. (Yes, I'm arguing the corporate side of this. I feel dirty)

Anyway, Damage Control the TV show could introduce all sorts of Marvel characters and concepts and then also tie indirectly into whatever the big movie is that season. And you could even launch characters into the movies - one version of Ant-Man worked for Damage Control.

Kevin Feige, call me!