Spy Photo! Onset Sneak! Michael Douglas As Liberace!

Everybody else is running IRON MAN 3 pictures left and right. We're more interested in Soderbergh's LIBERACE.

For the young people reading this, here's what you have to understand: Liberace claimed he wasn't gay. He was devoted to his mother, he wore sparkling capes and he had an elaborate candelbra on his piano, but he was totally closeted. AND A LOT OF PEOPLE DIDN'T REALIZE HE WAS GAY. And then he died of AIDS.

Here's a picture of the real Liberace to give you a sense of the dude:

Think on that, motherfuckers.

Anyway, Steven Soderbergh is making a movie about Liberace (which I believe is still called Behind the Candelabra), and the picture at the top of this article is the first spy pic from the set. It shows off Michael Douglas as Liberace, and I think he looks good. Matt Damon is there with him, wearing a wavy wig, playing real world person Scott Thorson. Damon's a touch old for the part - Thorson got together with Lee LIberace when he was 17. 

This is one of the movies I'm most excited for in the near future. I feel like Soderbergh has been on one hell of a roll lately.