TIFF Announces Amazing Midnight Madness Line-Up… Including ABCs OF DEATH!

Drafthouse Films' anthology joins a bunch of other great genre films at Toronto's big festival.

We're getting close to the Toronto International Film Festival; if you're like me you've been following the announcements of what's playing at the festival but it's the Midnight Madness section that really has you excited. And now, with this announcement, it's looking more exciting than ever.

Midnight Madness has shown us its line-up, and it includes the Drafthouse Films anthology, The ABCs of Death - a 26 director film stuffed with gore and mayhem. And that's just one of the amazing genre films playing. 

There's Aftershock, the Eli Roth-starring Nicolás López about a massive earthquake that hits Chile. There's The Bay, Barry Levinson's gory faux-doc about parasite monsters attacking a small town. There's Come Out And Play, a riff on Who Can Kill A Child?Dredd 3D will be playing. The great JT Petty is bringing his next film, Hellbenders, a horror comedy. The awesome John Dies at the End will play - you have to see this movie! Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem has found itself a festival berth. Versus director Ryuhei Kitamura returns with No One Lives. And the great Martin McDonagh - director of In Bruges - comes to TIFF with Seven Psychopaths!

That's an incredible line-up. I'd like to see all of those films (at least the ones I haven't seen yet)! Here's hoping some of them come to Fantastic Fest...