Webb Of Spider-Man Again?

Will Marc Webb return for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?

There's going to be a good book written about the behind the scenes doings on The Amazing Spider-Man one day. I can tell you the tales I've heard told: in the weeks leading up to release everybody was kind of unhappy. Sony was going to do a sequel no matter what, but they didn't know what angle they would take or who would direct it. They were meeting with directors right up to the opening of the film - name directors, and some that would have made you guys happy (but who didn't do much for me). Meanwhile Webb was more or less ready to move on. 

And then the film opened. And did well. And all of a sudden the variables were different. Now Sony wants Webb back because they see continuity of creatives on the franchise as important. Meanwhile Webb finds himself in a position of being able to play a little bit of hardball. But even with both sides willing to forget the first go-round and work together again, Webb may not have a choice - he owes Fox Searchlight a picture, and it's possible that the studio will force him to come on down and make it.

Still, it's Hollywood, and everything is negotiable. The LA Times believes that if Webb agrees to do two pictures for Searchlight they'll let him get to work on Amazing Spider-Man 2. That's a big commitment for the director. But the Spider-Man money will be hard to turn down, I imagine.

By now you guys know I didn't like The Amazing Spider-Man very much. I'd like to believe that the next film will fix my many problems, but I don't have a lot of faith. When a bad movie is successful it only emboldens the bad filmmakers to be bad.