Bryan Singer Confirms Next X-MEN Is Days Of Future Past

One of the most famous X-stories will come to the big screen.

Hold on to your time travel butts. Days of Future Past, one of the seminal X-Men stories - and one of the seminal superhero stories, period - is coming to movie theaters. Rumors had it recently that the X-Men: First Class sequel would be based on the classic John Byrne/Chris Claremont story, and now producer Bryan Singer has confirmed it. The script is being written right now, and he says that Mathhew Vaughn will return to direct*. He also says this:

"It's going to be very ambitious... It deals with aspects of [Days of Future Past] but also some new things."

How ambitious? Singer wants to bring in more characters. I'm not sure that the X-Men films thus far have a dearth of characters, but here's his thoughts:

"There's a strong desire to broaden out the universe. The X-Men universe is every bit, on its own, as big as the Marvel universe. I think it's time to reach out and explore it and perhaps even bring some connectivity between the films, as Marvel has done."

I don't know what sort of connectivity he's talking about. Is this a hint that Fox is planning on a bunch of other mutant movies? I don't even properly know how First Class relates to the first three films to be honest - is it a straight prequel? A rebootquel? It certainly contradicts stuff in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and makes some stuff in X-Men 3 difficult to fit in. At any rate, these aren't separate franchises - they're all spin-offs of X-Men. I feel like the 'connectivity' stuff is just buzzword nonsense.

What I'm interested in is how broad the universe will get. Will they bring in Genosha? The Shi'ar? The Mojoverse?

Please not the Mojoverse. 

For those not in the know: Days of Future Past was a two-part story that looked into a possible future where giant robot Sentinels had killed most of the mutants. Since the X-Men franchise now takes place in the past it's unclear if that future would be the modern day.