Levitation, Animation and Discombobulation in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

New goods from Tilbury, Lorn and PSY. 

Consider the snow white knuckle grip I’ve had on this hat released because Reykjavík-based Helgi Jóhannsson’s name is finally tied as director to another impressive project. He’s a touch out to lunch and responsible for one of the most disturbing music video concepts I’ve seen to date. Instead of witnessing car crash victims slip ‘n slide via their own blood we are front and center at a garden party where old fish is the main dish and Regan levels of possession lift our copper-topped lead toward the sky. Icelandic folk pop newcomers Tilbury provide a bittersweet soundtrack with a selection from their debut album Exorcise.

French directing collective CRCR are another name worth tucking away; they teamed up recently with revered Wisconsin-based grime musician Lorn (aka Marcos Ortega) to produce a black, white and equally dramatic animation for the track “Ghosst(s)”. Short and not so sweet, really. Unless you’re also listening in a dark room alone and prefer to think of those rotten brain worms in gummy form.

It should not be misinterpreted as a cop out that I genuinely have no fucking clue what is happening in the following treasure. Mononymously named PSY is huge in South Korea right now, but this might be your first rodeo. No, really. I mean that. There’s a group dance number at a rodeo post solo dance number through the aisle of a stable. And you won’t dare take your eyes off it all.