Semen And Race Jokes On Live TV: Devin Does ATTACK OF THE SHOW

Your faithful badass-in-chief does an appearance on G4's long-running nerd culture show.

I've been doing guest spots on Attack of the Show for years now, but this was the first time I did the show since the departure of Kevin Pereira, a really nice and smart guy who I am proud to call an acquantaince. The show has turned to rotating guest hosts, and this week the host was Baratunde Thurston - comedian, Onion guy and author of How To Be Black. The six seconds I spent speaking with Baratunde off air indicated to me that he's a pretty chill guy.

Anyway, they had me on with Anthony Breznican of EW to give streaming recommendations. My choice: Lifeforce, now on Netflix Instant. If you've seen it, you know why I chose it. If not - watch the video above.

Baratunde's choice, Brothers With No Game, is actually quite good (I'd say it's the only good thing recommended in the segment). You should check out episode one of that here.