Joe Carnahan In Talks To Reboot DAREDEVIL

Expect grim, gritty, Frank Miller style action.

Fox is facing a deadline. They have to get a Daredevil movie in front of cameras by October 10th. The David Slade version fell apart. Fox, for some reason, is really keen  to get this film going - so keen they're willing to trade away characters from Fantastic Four in order to retain rights (see that story here).

Their new take would involve Joe Carnahan, coming off a high with The Grey. According to Variety Carnahan's take would be a “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller." Which is about what you'd expect from Carnahan. The director is apparently pretty psyched about the whole thing, although it's unclear what this would mean for his Death Wish remake, which likely trods some similar urban vigilante ground.

It's hard for me to get too excited about this for a couple of reasons: I don't think Daredevil is the most cinematic of the Marvel characters. I'm not as totally enamored of the Frank Miller run as everybody else, and I think what makes that run work in comics would be too overwrought in movies. And personally I'm pretty much okay leaving the gritty stuff off the table in this post-Nolan Batman world. The statements have been made in that regard, and I'm much more interested in superhero movies that are big and exciting and colorful. 

But I'm not writing it off. And Carnahan is a good choice for that kind of a direction... but I also see him as the kind of filmmaker who is happy to strip away the costume signifiers from the character. And I think Fox would be happy to get him out of that red suit, which really didn't work on film last time.