Olympic Fever (Dream): Russian Synchronized Swimming To Goblin’s SUSPIRIA Score!

Eerie, beautiful and awesome - Argento would be proud.

There's always something surreal about synchronized swimming, but when it's done to Goblin's score for Suspiria that shit gets downright creepy. The Russian team, Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina, did their routine to the haunting strains of the tinkling title theme for Dario Argento's masterpiece. Their movements were clockwork, doll-like and paid off: they scored a near perfect 9.8. That score qualifies them for the finals and puts them in the lead for a Gold medal. 

This isn't the first time the Russians have done their routine to the song; the video above is from the April qualifications.

The choice of music is so very fitting; Argento's movie is about a witch coven at a ballet school, and synchronized swimming is also known as water ballet. There's also something amazing about a global audience sitting and listening to this, one of the very best and most recognizable horror scores!

Thanks to my friend Mr. Beaks, who spotted this live on TV and tweeted about it. Follow him at @mrbeaks.