THE WIRE’s Omar To Play Nancy Allen Role In ROBOCOP Remake

That seems like a huge change! (Not really)

The idea of meeting any Michael K Williams casting news with skepticism or disinterest is a bummer. But here I am! The news is that Williams, best known to smart people as Omar from The Wire, will be in the remake of Robocop. Playing the part of Alex Murphy's (Robocop-to-be) partner. The role played by Nancy Allen in the original film. 

At first this seems like a big change. The role was a white woman! Now it's a black man! But except for some nuanced romantic elements, the character of Anne Lewis could be any gender or race (well, not named Anne. Although it is the future, so who knows what naming conventions will be). Those nuanced romantic elements will likely be replaced with overt romantic elements in the remake. I mean with another character, not with Williams' character. Probably. He played gay on The Wire, so I suppose Williams would be up for it again.

Anyway, I really want to be excited about this film, but nothing has convinced me to even pay much attention to the news as it gets reported.