Guy Is Insulted By How Little His Ex-Wife Paid To Whack Him

What's your life worth? This guy thinks his ex should have paid at least 10 grand to off him.

Having someone hire an assassin to kill you can be sobering. It can make you re-examine your life. For some people they might wonder how they could have impacted someone else so negatively that they would be willing to hire a murderer. For others the brush with death may cause them to consider their own mortality. For George Cascone it made him consider just how much his life is worth to end.

Cascone, a Kansas City used car salesman, was targeted for death by his ex-wife. Generally he's okay with this, but what gets his goat is that she only paid $2000 for the job. He thinks he's worth at least 10 grand. And anyway, at 2k you're not getting a quality hitman. There are some services on which you cannot skimp.

This is an old video (2010! It's so old I expected Moses to show up), but it's been making the rounds today and I quite like it. Thanks to The Fake Life for the link.