First Picture Of Russell Crowe As Noah Mostly What You’d Expect

Yup, that's Russell Crowe alright.

I am incredibly psyched for Darren Aronofsky's Noah. He has been wanting to make this movie forever; I talked to him about it a decade ago, after Requiem For A Dream. I think he can reinvent the Biblical epic.

He can't reinvent what Russell Crowe looks like, though. This first official picture of Crowe as Noah pretty much just looks like Russell Crowe, maybe how you'd find him on a hungover Sunday morning. I imagine Crowe hangs around his home in burlap. 

What I really want to see are the creatures. Yes, the creatures - Aronofsky's film includes Nephilim, Biblical giants who may be half-angel.

Aronofsky has been tweeting up a storm from the set, including posting some pictures. You should follow the fella @DarrenAronofsky.