Gareth Evans Sneaks A Design For THE RAID Sequel, BERANDAL

Also: buy THE RAID on Blu today!

Did you see The Raid when it was in theaters? If so I don't have to tell you twice to buy the film, which is on Blu today. If you haven't seen the film but you like ass-kicking, well made, smart and fun action movies, you should blind buy The Raid right now. 

The Raid is getting a sequel; star Uko Iwais is coming back and writer/director Gareth Evans is working on it right now. In fact he's begun sharing some tidbits on his Twitter feed - tidbits like the above image, which is the design for 'Hammer Girl.' That's all we know about her - the design and that she's 'Hammer Girl.' What's interesting is that she hints at more stylization in Berandal, after the fairly straight-ahead aspects of The Raid. While The Raid had 'bosses,' they weren't quite as specific as 'Hammer Girl.'

And I like that! I hope Evans, who has been growing in leaps and bounds as a filmmaker (check out the difference between Merantau and The Raid), keeps trying new things and flexing his muscles. In the meantime: BUY THE RAID!