SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS Trailer Is Brilliant

IN BRUGES director Martin McDonagh returns with a dognapping story gone terribly wrong.

Colin Farrell (using his own accent for once!) and Christopher Walken are dognappers. Their schtick is simple: kidnap a dog, wait a couple of days, return it for a reward. But when they kidnap a shitzu owned by Woody Harrelson things go terribly wrong. It turns out that Harrelson is a heavy who also happens to be a violent lunatic.

I really like this trailer - it's funny and fast and self-conscious. What's interesting is that this looks like it could be some sort of post-Reservoir Dogs, post-Boondock Saints nonsense, but that it's in the exact right hands and that Martin McDonagh, the director, has made something delightful from it all.

Also: Tom Waits holding a bunny.