Are These The Ten Best Episodes of STAR TREK The Original Series?

TREK fans voted on the top ten - here's their list.

There was a major Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this weekend; while I couldn't make it, our friend and contributor Jordan Hoffman was a major presence. He hosted a number of One Trek Mind panels, and during one of them he polled the audience on their top ten original series episodes. This is the list they came up with:

10. The Carbomite Maneuver - The Enterprise comes across a strange ship piloted by a bizarre being. It turns out to just be a puppet manipulated by baby Clint Howard, who is getting hyphy on tranya. 

9. The Enterprise Incident - Captain Kirk goes undercover as a Romulan to nab a cloaking device.

8. A Taste of Armageddon - The Enterprise discovers a world where war is waged between computers playing war games, and people are disinitigrated as 'casulties.'

7. The Doomsday Machine - The Enterprise comes across a giant destructive spaceship that looks like a space turd. 

6. Journey To Babel - While transporting ambassadors to peace talks, an assassin stalks the halls of the Enterprise. This episode introduces Amanda and Sarek, Spock's parents.

5. Balance of Terror - The Enterprise does battle with a Romulan Bird of Prey without visual contact, like submarine warfare. This is the first time Romulans appear on the show, and when we discover they look like Vulcans. 

4. The Trouble With Tribbles - Tiny furry cooing machines cause all sorts of problems with Klingons at a space station.

3. Amok Time - Every seven years Vulcans get really horny. It's called Pon Farr, and Spock is going through his Pon Farr - and must fight Captain Kirk to the death over a woman.

2. Mirror Mirror - A transporter malfunction sends a landing party into an alternate universe where the Federation is the Terran Empire, everybody is evil and Spock has a goatee.

1. City on the Edge of Forever - Kirk, Spock and McCoy travel back to the 1930s, where Kirk falls in love with Joan Collins. But he learns that she must die to maintain the balance of history.

So what do you think? I'm curious how The Doomsday Machine made it on there; it's a good episode, but top ten material? I think the list has some serious oversights: where's Arena, where Kirk fights the Gorn? Where's This Side of Paradise, where Spock gets emotions? Where's The Naked Time, where Sulu does his topless swordsman routine (and Spock also gets emotions)? It's interesting that Space Seed, where Khan is introduced, isn't on the list. And I think Balance of Terror is too low, with The Trouble With Tribbles being too high. 

By the way - you may recall that I got a Starfleet tattoo on my shoulder to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; I'm thinking of getting a matching tattoo on the other shoulder with the logo of the Terran Empire:

Good idea?