Michael J. Fox Developing A New Sitcom; Audiences Rejoice And Networks Clamor


Michael J. Fox, The Most Charming Human Alive, is working on a new single-camera sitcom inspired by his own life, and all of the networks are tripping over themselves to land it. The pitch has apparently inspired a "feeding frenzy," news that warms my heart and makes me proud to be a television-consuming American. 

Fox - affable, smart, funny, inarguably lovable, equally compelling on television or film - can make a success out of any show, and he's got a great team working with him: Will Gluck (the director of Easy A) and Sam Laybourne (a writer/producer on Cougar Town). He's had a solid working relationship with most of the big networks, so all that seems left to sort out is which company will throw the most money at him.

There's even a rumor that one network has already offered a series commitment before pilot production, which is pretty much unheard of these days, but I can believe it. I'd be equally convinced if you told me that Michael J. Fox had invented a new method of clean energy or that he'd single-handedly reversed the recession with his dimples.