Watch Dan Deacon’s Game of Phones in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Videos from Dan Deacon, Heartless Bastards and Moonface.

Directing duo Dan Deacon and Ben O’Brien debuted a transcendent portrayal of the great “telephone” game in their latest video for a track from the former’s forthcoming album, America. Baltimore has always felt like a bonus onion ring in a batch of french fries -- in this pocket an art collective called Wham City has taken shape. Deacon and O’Brien take the lead with a thirteen second scene which was shown to the following team and so on/so forth. A total of nineteen pairs contributed by bouncing off the creators before them with exactly one hour to recreate from memory alone. I’m partial toward the team at the 2:36 mark. And will henceforth refer to them as Team Snowman Beardy Longhair.

I’ve waited years for the opportunity to bring Heartless Bastards’ “The Mountain” to your (collective) attention. I might also know better now than to describe Erika Wennerstrom’s commanding vocals with “hints of Roy Orbison and Geddy Lee” because I quite enjoy my teeth intact. Bradley Beesley and Louisiana Kreutz are at the helm of a new video for the Austin-based blues rock artists’ latest “Only for You." In it you’ll witness the most adorable brand of interoffice romance unfolding. And the resurgence of actual guitar heroes.

You may think indie-wunderkind Spencer Krug spends his time journeying from righteous band to righteous-er band unleashing a bevy of songs that sound different every single time... but... well... yeah that's exactly what he does. The former frontman/contributor of bands like Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes and Swan Lake is now spending his time in front of the outfit known as Moonface, who seem to be indulging in African textures and tribal rhythms set against a billowing synth pop-air not unlike The Church (the band, not the church). Here is their offering for "Faraway Lightning" in which we find our mythical eagle man goes on a traditional hero journey, albeit in the form of paper-cut stop-motion animation. Come for the heart-break metaphors, five stages of grief and transient spirit guides, but stay for elongated pangolin tongues and armadillo murder-by-removal-of-one-scale.